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"It was a big one!"

Henry went poopy in the potty, *voluntarily*. He summarized the situation with, "It was a big one!". Obviously, He was rather excited about the whole thing. I expect it'll still be a while before he makes a regular habit of it but it is nice to have some encouragement along the way. Daddy even got a call at work so Henry could tell me about it. :-)

A Day Out With Thomas

We took Henry to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Huckleberry Railroad. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Melissa, although she lived just down the street from it when she was young, didn't think she'd ever been there. We didn't see too much of the regular displays since this was Henry's day. He seemed to be quite excited about all of the Thomas the Tank Engine activities. We never stood in one place very long because Henry would see something else he wanted to look at. The train ride with Thomas was a lot of fun because we were far enough in the back of the train that we could see Thomas when the train went into turns. The closer you go to the front of the train the less you actually saw of Thomas.

The best line of the day came from another kid though. The kid turned to his parents and said, "This is the best day of my life!". I didn't realize how much all the excitement took out of Henry until we headed home. He fell asleep almost immediately and continued sleeping long after we go home. I don't remember the last time he took a nap that was four plus hours. Nowadays, he rarely takes a nap, let alone one that long.