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It's not a pool but it is wet.

We went to the new splash pad at Lamar Park. It is not a replacement for the public pool that closed a few years ago. However, anybody can go in, get wet, and cool off. There are a few comments I need to make. One, girls need tops regardless of their age. Two, all kids need swimsuits that fit not three sizes to small. Three, underwear is not a swimsuit. This is a public place not your back yard. I understand that sometimes times are tight. However, considering the number of cell phones and amount of jewelry I saw, I'm not sure that money was a problem for most of the people there. Regardless of the nit-picking It was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to get a kick out of it.

A visit to the old stomping grounds.

We spent the day in Kalamazoo. It was interesting to see how things had changed and how things hadn't. There were a lot more businesses closer to campus. However, Western hasn't changed much. They plowed some green space under and built a couple of new buildings but the rundown buildings are still rundown. We got a picture of Henry next to the Henry Hall sign. I still can't believe we gave our son the same name as the dorm we were in. Worse, we didn't even realize it right away. Oh well, it was a cute picture.

Hooray for kiddie pools!

We got out the kiddie pool and played in the water in the backyard. I'm pretty sure that was the most productive thing we did. :-)

Now we know why they make swimming diapers

We spent the evening with Melissa's parents for a belated Fourth of July dinner. The highlight of the evening was when the kids ran through the sprinkler. They couldn't get enough of it. We also learned something. We didn't plan to play in the sprinkler so they had on regular diapers instead of swimming diapers. I have to say, diapers can hold an AMAZING amount of water. I'm amazed they could walk they were carrying so much weight in water.

The grass *isn't* always greener...

People in the city are obsessed with lawns. I always knew this but I really didn't know this until today. I had a neighbor behind our house jumped the fence separating his and another neighbors yard. He than proceeded to weed whack part of our new neighbors lawn. Apparently, the guy who just moved into his house in the last week wasn't making the lawn a high enough priority. Am I the only one who barely notices other people's grass?

Fourth of July surprise

We went over to Natalie and Phil's for a while in the evening and hung out with them
and some of their friends. They made ribs and everyone seemed to have a good time. Didn't stay real late because the kids were getting tired. Interesting note. Melissa never knew that there are parades on the Fourth of July. In fact, she said she didn't realize they had parades on any days other than Thanksgiving and Christmas. I swear I've brought up going to parades and other events before but she claims to not remember the conversation. I've been under the impressions he just didn't like parades so I stopped bringing them up. The things you learn.