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A lesson in customer service...

When we got married we got a new set of dishes from Pottery Barn. They are nice dishes with one little problem. Pottery Barn discontinued them almost as soon as we got them. This meant when we broke one of our plates we had no way to easily replace it. I've kept an our for a while to see if anyone had some of the series. I recently found a place called that specializes in such things. They didn't have what I needed in stock now but I signed up to be notified if they ever got anything in. I promptly forgot about it until the other day when I got an email saying that had some in. The cool part is when I called them they used the caller-id to bring up my record and knew exactly why I was calling. I didn't need to repeat what I was looking for or wait for them to find stuff in the system. The entire call with including friendly chit chat took less than a minute. This compares very well to the phone company who requires me to give them my phone number a few dozen times before they tell me "the computer won't let me do that". The whole thing not only made the shopping experience easier but it had to have saved them some money. You'd think someone like the phone company would see a lesson there.

Justin Verlander throws a no hitter

I missed the initial broadcast because we had rented some movies. Irritating. However, I was able to catch a replay of it the next day. It was impressive to say the least I hope that any baseball fans out there got a chance to see it. If you didn't it might be worth going to and paying the four bucks to see it. The highlights I've seen don't really do it justice.