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Henry got a t-ball set from Grandma Ann for Christmas. I have to say that it was quite the hit. We took it over to Melissa's parents since her sister Marnie and company were out. Nolan was quite proud of himself for hitting the ball off and even Sammy got into the act. Henry did pretty well sharing his toy and only had one incident with the bat. Good thing its foam. I have a feeling we'll be making regular use of it when we get home during the week. Hopefully, he doesn't run us too ragged.

The tigers won't eat Henry's toes.

After a few years of living here I finally made it to John Ball Zoo. I'd been told it was tiny zoo, very hilly, and not worth going to. I have to say it was definitely worth going to. We got up and were there not long after it opened at 10am. There was a small army of school buses the usual harried chaperones. A short drive and only twelves bucks later we were in, and with little kids that's a huge plus. It was a bit hilly but it was not too much of a problem with the current area. We'll see as they add more exhibits.

The exhibits were pretty good. There were a couple of places that looked like they could use some updating but overall it was better than I had been lead to believe. There were no lions, those will arrive next year with a new exhibit, but a couple of other big cats. I tried to convince Henry that the tigers would get out and eat his toes but he was too smart for me. :-) There was also fun display of monkeys of a type that I can't remember. However, i think the highlight was a chimpanzee that looked like it was pregnant enough to explode in the heat. It brought back memories of when the air conditioning died while Melissa was pregnant with Henry. Chances are it was just the male or something but it was funny at the time. I think Henry's favorite was the aquarium, he ran around quite a bit looking at stuff in there.

It took about two hours and that was about all the kids could handle. If you haven't been there lately than its worth going. It is close by, doesn't cost too much, and gives you something to do on a summer afternoon that everyone will enjoy.

Mothers Day

Mother's day weekend was fun. Saturday, we went over to Melissa's parents. Kids got to play in a sandbox and chase Freckles around. Sammy's still leary of the dogs but she had a good time.

Sunday we were in Portland. We arrived early in hopes that we'd get a chance to see Trisha before she left for work. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Still, the kids got to terrorize uncle Dougie and play with grandma. One of the highlights was an impromptu trip back into the woods. Henry got to do some exploring and even found a turkey feather. Although, he'd have carried all of the pine cones home with him if we'd let him. :-)

Hot Fuzz??

Today turned out to be a not too bad day. Melissa and I had both taken the day off and we spent most of the day with the kids. That's always fun because with Melissa's school/work schedule we usually don't see much of each other. We ate at the Beltline Bar and went to a movie at Celebration North. The movie we saw was Hot Fuzz. It is apparently by the same people who did Shaun of the Dead which I haven't seen. It was absolutely hilarious. I need to rent Shaun of the Dead now as a result. I will say it was slow at the beginning but once everything is setup it is laugh out loud funny the whole way through. Highly Recommended.

Amish Cheese! from genuine Amish cows!

Okay... maybe the cows aren't Amish and I think the cheese is bit lax as well. :-) Still, last Saturday we made a run up to the Greenville area. Melissa had jewelry party thing that she had to go to and we stopped at the cottage to visit with my Mom and Glen. However, the highlight of the visit, as always, is a stop at the cheese place. It never occurred to me but they have a website. The Farm Country Cheese House is a place you have to stop if you're even remotely close. The cheese is, of course, top notch and they've got some other things that are worth trying as well. Make sure you try a variety of cheese. This is good cheese. It's not the el cheapo kinda stuff you pick up at the grocery store. Highly Recommended.