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A day out

Melissa and I got a chance to spend an afternoon together without the kids today. My mom had volunteered to watch the kids for the afternoon. It was a fun afternoon we stopped by the open house at St Mary's SouthWest campus. Melissa currently works for St. Mary's Hospital in one of their pharmacies. However, she is going back to school to be a Radiology tech. Hopefully, after Melissa graduates she'll be able to work there. It is certainly a very nice place both aesthetically as well the medical facilities themselves. In addition, there's the benefit of a little bit easier drive. Its not tremendously closer but the traffic should be easier since she wouldn't be driving downtown.

After that we went to Rose's in East Grand Rapids. It is right on Reed's lake they have a pretty good menu. It is not a big place but we managed to avoid a wait. During the summer they have seating outside and it is easier to get a table. The food was good and it is certainly a place I'd go back to.

We finished the day off by seeing Night at the Museum. It was definitely one of the funnier movies I've seen lately. It has great cast although a few people seem rather underused in the movie. I'll spare you any details that would spoil the movie. I'm only going to mention two things that by themselves would make it worth seeing the movie. One is Ben Stiller's moment with Attila the Hun the other is the Easter Island statue.

Fish Fry

It wouldn't be Lent without a fish fry and we try and make it to the one at St. John Vianney. This year when we went we brought along Melissa's parents and they seemed to have a good time. The biggest problem we had was the kids. They get a good turnout for the fish frys so there's a wait and most tables are full. The kids, especially Henry, were pretty well tired of being still by the time we got our food. Sammy settled down and ate fairly well. Henry was a bit of a monster and just wanted to run around. Still all and all the food was good and everyone seemed to have a good time. Next year though we'll have to find a way to keep the kids a little more content.