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A trip downtown for some new music

I haven't bought music in probably two or three years until today. I'm not a huge fan of the way the RIAA and its members run things so I generally choose not to do business with them. However, Melissa got an iPod and an iTunes gift card and was planning on getting a few songs from the new Weird Al cd. This was one of the few times that our tastes in music converged and I decided I would just buy the whole cd instead. I didn't really want to buy it at a big box store so a little checking turned up Vertigo as an independent music store.

I learned a few things during our excursion. One, they have a great selection. Two, most of their prices seemed to be the same or cheaper than Targets. (I checked several specifically). Three, I hate shopping downtown because I don't like to pay for parking. Four, I hate shopping downtown because its rather a pain to navigate the maze when they complicate it with one-ways and construction projects that seem to block off large sections of the downtown area. It was still worth going down there since I'd never been there, got a chance to support a local business, and it was cheaper than Target. :-)

Gerald R Ford

I'm not sure if many of you got involved in any of the events of Ford's funeral and what not. Its tough to say how big a deal it was outside of GR. Here is was huge. People here haven't forgotten him despite his being gone for a long time. One thing I thought was interesting how even in the end few people could remember anything other than the Nixon pardon and how much they liked him as a person. However, a quick trip to the Ford Library & Museum's biography on him should bring up a few things you probably don't know/remember.

There's also a condolences book for those of you who were not able to make it out for any of the events. We didn't go to see the viewing. We figured that with the kids it just wouldn't work out. However, did get a chance to line the streets during the funeral procession. I was downtown on the way to the funeral and Melissa when it was on the way back from the funeral. I'd considered whether we should bring the kids down and go as a family. However, since neither Henry or Sammy will remember it that it just didn't seem to be worth it. Regardless, I'm glad we got to say good bye even if we didn't get to meet him in person.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year have everybody. I hope everybody was good at their New Years Eve parties. If not, well, than there is always next year. :-)