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It's poop

Well my smart son told us he had to poop and ran to the potty and went in the potty all by himself. Now the cleaning up afterward that is a different story. We are so proud of him.

Not much else. Samantha has 2 new teeth she is adding to her bottom teeth. The 2 top teeth, not the front but next to them are coming in. She has done very well with them so far. It is amazing that I am a mother of 2 kids under 2 WOW.

I am starting the Radiology tech program Sept 5th and ends 2008. I visited 6 hospitals and got a better understanding on what I would be doing. I thought it was just X-rays and Cat scans or MRI, But I will be in on surgery's to take X-rays (COOOOOOL) Also if i get a rotation at Spectrum Blogette the county morgue is there and we have to take X-rays of Dead people. (COOOOLER). So now I am really excited and not sure why it took me so long to get on the waiting list, but it is finally here.

Oh Henry got to meet Clifford the BIg Red dog today at the mall. He gave him so many hugs, it was great.
Bye for now.


More Samantha Baptism pictures

I got a few more Baptism pictures posted. The date on a few of them is off. The baptism was on 7/8/2006 not 7/5/2006. Sammy's six months old today so we should have a few more pictures.

Henry can count to ten!

Henry has learned to count to ten. He even seems to understand what he's doing because I have seen him counting the trains in his Thomas the Tank Engine book. Although, his favorite still seems to be "8,9,10!". Hehe.

It is pretty cool how much he's actually learning and developing. He gets mad, happy, frustrated, bored, concerned, and a dozen other nuances. My favorite is when she has a toy he wants he'll get another toy and give it to her so that she'll start playing with the new toy and he can get the one he wants. I've also seen him scold her for getting into the newspapers and than try and move her away from them. They're a lot of fun. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Summer Pictures

We've uploaded some more pictures of Henry and Samantha. There's some great ones of them playing together. We've also got a few of just Sammy and her baptism.

Beer is ready

I finally bottled my beer on the 7th. It actually tastes not bad. This has been confirmed by my wife so its not just me. This is good because I ended up with 46 bottles of it. :-) I'd hate to have to drink 46 bottles of something I didn't like.

I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to brew again. I'd like to do it again before winter so that I can try cider. If not I may try mead or something like that. We'll see what happens.