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Samantha's Baptism

Samantha was finally baptized Saturday night. It turned out that were the only ones going that night. I guess with the holiday weekend and being a Saturday night people were going to do it some other time. It went pretty well over all. Samantha only cried a little and looked especially cute in her christening gown. Pictures were taken but using other people's cameras. We'll get them up as soon as we get copies. It shouldn't be too long since there was not a ton of stuff to photograph.


I have to say that the highlight of the last couple of months is seeing Henry and Samantha begin to interact. There's still some pain as Henry learns what she can and cannot do. Over all though, it's been a blast. Samantha thinks that anything her brother does is positively hysterical and Henry's willing to oblige her. He's always willing to help out with Sammy. Anytime he sees her pacificer or bottle he'll bring it over to her and try and give it to her.

We've finally got more pictures up. The first are from April with pics of us goofing around. They include some pictures taken during Aunt Ebony's visit. There's a second set of silly kids as well. There are some pictures of Henry's first school program part way through.

Sammy's currently unable to crawl on her hands and knees. However, she's gotten pretty good at scooting along on her back when she is so inclined. Scooting along on her back has a few obvious problems. I'd like to point out that this is NOT staged. She really did scoot under there. The only harm was to her pride.