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Beer brewing

I got a kid for brewing my own beer for Christmas. I had helped Matt a few times and thought it would be fun. I finally had time to do it on Monday. I thought I did anyway. I learned something very important that I had not noticed before. Sammy sleeps in the mornings and is awake all afternoon, ALL afternoon.

I guess I should explain that my plan for my day off was to send Henry to daycare and keep Sammy home. This would save us a little money on daycare and I could still get some stuff done. Unfortunately, I ran errands in the morning when Sammy was mostly asleep. This meant that she was awake while I was trying to get the beer going. It turns out she doesn't like daddy brewing when she's awake. :-) I was able to get it going finally and its downstairs, hopefully fermenting. I do want to thank Melissa for not freaking out when she came home to trashed kitchen that reeked of wet dog. I'm not sure why it smelt like wet dog instead of grain but the odor was not a pleasant one.


Well miss Samantha has her first two teeth coming in. The two bottom ones are poked through. She is just like henry in so many ways. She alreadys flips from her back to her tummy and back again. She even looks like she is trying to crawl. She gets on her knees with her butt high in the air, it is quite comical. In the morning when she gets up she never in the same place you put her down at. There was one night chad had her on the floor in the living room and she scooted around to where she got stuck under the couch all you see are these little legs hanging out. Chad of course got a picture of it. She moved more than three feet to get there. She is so advanced (hehe). I hope to get some new pics up soon. bye for now.