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A visit to Meijer Gardens and other adventures

The last month has been full of adventures for Henry and Sammy. Henry visited Meijer Gardens for the Foremost Butterfly exhibit. He had quite the time of it. Although, I'm not sure he quite understood what they were. Still he seemed to have a good time.

Henry and Sammy have also spent some time getting to know each other. Now, I don't want to say Henry is jealous... So, I'll just say he can get "worried" about might result from Daddy spending so much time with this little competitor. They're having fun within the limits of Sammy's mobility.

Just because they're always cute, tub time!

Long time

Well I am sorry that I have not been writting on the website more. I am home all day you think I would have time. I mean between all the naps and video game playing I would find time (hehe). Well not sure you all knew, Sammy had to have an MRI done on her butt on WEd. She was born with a dimple in her butt crack that had hair growing out of it. I guess they were concerned that she might have problems with her spinal cord. The test went great, we wont know the official results till next week or so. Chad is trying to get more photos up but in the mean time I will send everyone them through Talk to you later.


Fig Newtons...

I can't decide if watching this made me want Fig Newton's more or much much less. The coolest part of the whole thing was when they talked about butterflys getting drunk off of rotting figs. Yeah, you heard me: drunk butterflys. Now isn't science fun. :-)