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Samantha Rose was born last night!

Samantha Rose was born last night. She's 22" long, weighs 7lb 12oz She was born 2/26/06 at 11:05pm. Mom and baby are both doing well. She's eating good and sleeping well. Best of all. She sucks her left thumb. Just like daddy did.

Rough Timeline:

09:30 First contraction
10:20 Left the house
10:45 Arrived at the hospital
11:00 Things really get going
11:05 Samantha Rose born

I'll have pictures up later today.


Well if you look at the baby countdown you will see that I am overdue. Yes this parasite has not left my body yet. I have an appointment tomorrow. The doc did say that I will not go past the 1st of march, so I do know that i will have a baby next week. I just want to know what the sex is. Everyone at work want it to be a girl but i have a feeling this one is another boy. either way it needs to come out. I am getting a huge belly nothing else is getting big just the belly. I am still getting sick though. Well I will keep everyone updated.


Still Pregnant

Well the baby is still inside. I am no closer than I was a month ago. I did have Doc thomas check for dialation at 37 weeks and I was a finger tip I did not check this week, for I know the baby will come out when ready. I have been walking more and bouncing on the exercise ball to maybe get things progressing somewhat. I just want to know if it is a girl or boy, the pressure is getting to me. ARGH. But that is all a great part of the birthing processes. I have not reached any problems yet at this time like I did with Henry. I was on bed rest at this time with him. Blood pressure is good, weight is good, no big time swelling so all in all everything is by the book. I have new appointments every friday.

I am just ready to be off work. Henry has been so cute lately. He is adding a lot to his vocabulary and just everyday activities he gets better and better. Chad will upload some new pics of him outside in the snow and someothers. It is crazy there are 5 women at work who are Pregnant right now. I started a trend, or it is in the water. HEHEHEHE. Well I will chat more later. Bye for now. and i will keep everyone posted.

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