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One month to go

Well I have one more month of pregnancy and I am getting really excited. Henry has been such a handful lately. It is hard to keep up with him at times. I think once the new baby comes he will calm done a bit. He is such a boy. Now I am almost wanting a girl, I heard they are more mellow. I am excited to see what has been growing inside for 9 months.

My health has been great. I have kept my weight down, no more galstone episodes, I have been sick though. I remember getting sick the last month with henry too. I have been battling a cold, cough, heartburn, pink eye (thanks all to henry and the wonderful world of daycare).

we are slowly getting ready for the new arrival. I still have to get cloths ready and such, but that will come in time. My sisters new baby is such the doll. When we visisted for New years he was alert and so cute. he is a hefty eater though. My little one was such the terror that weekend so I did not get to spend to much time with the new baby. WEll chad and I will try and keep up on the pictures since we have a digital camera now. i hope that you enjoy the ones we have put up so far.


More pictures from Christmas, etc

I'm sorry that we haven't been posting much. However, things have been pretty hectic between Christmas, New Years, and life in general. However, now that we have a bit of a break and some computer issues have been resolved we should be back a little more often.

Early in the month, my cousin Josh got married.There are only a few pictures though. I guess we kinda forgot about the camera. :-)

We've also got a couple of pictures from the Hoffman Christmas.

We spent New Years in Wisconsin with Melissa's sister Marnie and her family. They recently had their first child, Nolan. We've got a few good pictures of them as well as a classic one of Henry doing some exploring.