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Mels christmas list

Here is my christmas list

Food processor--- the KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor--at target

Camara case to fit the Kodak easyshare z740

Pokemon XD-Gale of darkness gamecube game
plus strategy guide to play game

gift cards are always welcome


Henrys list

money for dresser
money for bedding
money for savings accounts

mittins more then one pair
hat more than 1

please limit the number of toys since he got a lot for his birthday.

bye for now

our little man

Well Chad and I had quite the bad week. Henry got really sick and was admitted to the hospital on Wed. He go the Croup, but bad enough that he could not breath very well. They gave him breathing treatments and steroids in the hospital to open his airways. He is much better now and was released on Friday. As soon as he got home he was a different boy. He saw all of his toys and just went nuts. He still has a cough, but that is slowly going away so it is less often. He really scared mommy. I stayed in the Hospital Wed and Thursday and chad took thursday night and Friday. What a good husband, I so appreciated that. I dont think most fathers would do what he did. I think Henry wanted to get close to his brother or sister for he only wanted lay on top of mommys big belly. Well I think our life is back to normal now.

Too early to think about Christmas

I have to say that for me to think about Christmas this early is not pleasant. However, Melissa seems to think I should come up with some things for people to get me for Christmas. Therefore, here are a few things in no particular order.

Mini USB mouse

Emergancy wideup radio

Three stooges movies

Basic UPS like this one

Deluxe Beermaking Equipment Kit

Call of Cthulhu DVD

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Henry's first trip to the lake

I just wanted to acknowledge how far behind I am on posting pictures by finally posting one of Henry's first trip to the lake. Its available here. I also wanted to state that it was taken by my mom's camera phone. I do not have a camera phone or a digital camera of any kind. I'm pretty sure this makes my mom geekier than I am. :-)

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

I just wanted to post briefly on the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I mention this mostly because I figured everyone in Michigan at least had heard of it. If only because of the Gordon Lightfoot song. If you have not heard of it please go here. Familiarize yourself with the basics so that the next time it is mentioned in conversation (Probably one year from today.) you'll have some clue as to what's going. There will be a test.