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Henry's 1st Birthday Party

Henry had his first birthday party on Sat and it was so much fun. WE had the grand parents and Godparents over for lunch. We ate pizza and cake. YUM. Henry loved to eat his own cake. He did really well until he realized the cake was squishy and then proceeded to get it on his face and chest and hair. We have pictures that Chad will post soon. It was so cute. He got a puzzle and bolt bench that you hit the bolts in the hole. He loves that one. He proceeds to hit everything with the plastic hammer. He got a cool wooden blocks that we stack and then knock down. The grandpas had fun with that on. He got a book that reads to him, and tractor that sings old MCdonald. So alot of great stuff to annoy mom and dad.

He had a great day. He slept for 5 hours after his party he was so wiped out. He is such the little ham. Bye for now.


Books, not just for breakfast anymore.

I thought it worth mentioning that Henry is consistently flipping the pages of his board books. He seems to have figured out that books are for more than eating. He will sit down fip the pages one at a time and look at the pictures. Daddy's pretty happy. This is not to say that he doesn't still snack on them. Who can blame him? They are pretty tasty. :-)

My little man

So my baby is finally almost 1 year old. I can not believe that last year this time I was a huge whale of a pregnant women waiting for his arrival. He is just so cute now. He knows how to play patty cake, and peek-a-boo. It is kinda funny. I just love his little tantrums that he throws. If you have not seen it, it is funny. He starts to cry sits down then trouws his head on the ground if he does not get his way. He will do it anywhere. He is very naughty though too. He pulls hair at the daycare and bites and pulls chads glasses off his face. These habits we are in the process of breaking, he thinks it is a game though, no matter if you swattle his butt or not.

We are introducing new foods to him also. He likes cheese, I gave him some of my ice cream the other day, he did not like the cold at first, but then was like give me more. Wait to go mommy give him something that he should not have. He had some of my popsicle too. So cute. He really does not like to pick up soft foods, he proceeds to squish them in his hands. He loves cheerios and animal crackers the most.

He also now kicks and throws balls to you and likes to play with my parents dogs. Oh he can say the words, dog, yes, hello very well. it is so cute. He waves out the window.

I am doing well, I finally have stopped throwing up. the only thing is the low fat diet I am on for my gallstone sucks. I have strayed from it a little though. I have an ultrasound on the 19th of Oct and hope to post the pics of the new baby then. Well thats it for now.

Henry's one year pictures

I just posted the pictures we had taken of Henry at one year. A few of you may have already seen these. You can get too them here.

New Windows

We finally got our new windows in. We had been talking about for a while and we finally got them ordered a few weeks ago. The big problem we had was that no one wanted to measure the windows unless they were going to be installing them. Paying somebody to install them was going to be far too expensive. Eventually, a friend of Glen's was able to come out and measure them. The plan initially was for Mom and Glen to come out this morning and we'd spend today and tomorrow installing them. However, once we got one in the rest went pretty easily. Melissa's dad stopped by not long after we started and before long they were all in. The only problem we had was a little confusion on the window order. The result is that we have three windows didn't get ordered. Other than those windows we just need to paint and replace a few window coverings. They already seem to be keeping the noise out a little better. Hopefully, they'll save us a little bit on our heating bill as well.