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A New Toy!

Okay, not really a new toy but nifty nonetheless. Over the weekend our refrigerator began to make rather ungood noises. I guess after 18 years it decided it was time to retire. It was still working but not so well. We stopped by Sears and discovered that our cabinets are about an inch lower than would be convenient. This meant that most of the refrigerators out there were just a hair to tall to fit. The salesman suggested a few based on the official specs but it was going to be a close fit. We ended up going to a local appliance place called Gerrit's Appliance. They were able to find one that had all the doodad's companies like to charge extra for and fit into our kitchen decent. Although, I must admit that we that the delivery guys must have had a fun time wedging it under the cabinets. The lucky fridge was a Whirlpool ET8FTEXMQ. Now aren't you glad you know this? :-)

National Geographic Wildcam Africa

I thought I'd point out a site that I thought was kind of nifty. It is called the National Geographic Wildcam Africa. It is a webcam that they have stationed at a pond in Botswana. You have to have RealPlayer installed. There is a free version available that you can install if you don't have it already. However, make sure that you don't get the trial version or the pay version. They have some suggestions on the best viewing times and if you remember that Botswana is six hours head of us than you should able to see something. If you're curious, the main page of the site is here.They have a lot more information on the area and a blog that's updated every few days by some researchers who work at the park.

Well, its working again.

I finally got around to getting this thing up and running and working again. Someday I'll catch up on a lot of crap like this. In the meantime, why are you here? There's nothing to see here. Move along.

Pictures of Henry at Ten Months

We finally posted more pictures. You can find them here. I'm in the process of moving all of the pictures over to a more sophisticated piece of software. These are the first that are in the new section. Feel free to look around the rest of the gallery but the only new pictures are the ten month ones.

Galaga and Ms. Pacman

I've always thought the decline of the Arcade was a bit of a tragedy. I could probably go on for a while on why I think it happened and what the company's involved could have done to avoid or at least slow it down. Either way though two of my favorite games just aren't the same on a console or pc. I specifically mean Galaga and Ms. Pacman. I mention this because I recently found a small grocery store that had a Ms. Pacman and Galaga machine. Unfortunately, I stopped there today and low and behold they had removed the thing. This only reinforces the idea that I just need to get somebody to buy me one. I specifically want this one. Although, I wouldn't turn down anything you sent me. :-)


Okay, I need someone to tell me if we're the first to notice this or what. We named our son Henry. Melissa and I met in Henry hall our first week of college. This only occurred to us in the last week. You're think we'd have noticed something like that before he was ten and half months old.

Henry is standing up on his own.

Henry has reached yet another milestone. He finally figured out how to standup without help from a piece of furniture or something similar. It takes him a few seconds and he's a little wobbly. However, he is able to do it most of the time. In fact he's started to get brave. He's working on picking things up off the floor while still standing. He can do it once in a while but he still has some work to do on his balance.