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Chad and I are sorry that our website has been down. The guys who hosted the site moved and it just has not come back up. Chad switched to a new server so we are all good now. So I am sorry. Well there are many things that have happened in that time,

I wanted to tell everyone personally but it has been hard, We are expecting another child. Baby Clem 2.0 will be arriving around Feb 15 2006. I have been having a really hard time with this one. I have been sicker than sick, I have lost over 16lbs and probably more since this weekend. This one must be a girl, I was not this sick with Henry. I have been so exausted too that by the time i get home from work I eat and go to bed. I feel bad for Chad. He has been taking all the slack up on cooking and cleaning and caring for Henry. I have been such a slug. I am entering my 4th month now. I hope that this sickness passes soon. I just want to eat normal again. ARGH.

Henry is walking all over the place getting into everything. It is too cute. Well I will have chad add to the site when he can. Miss everyone.