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So it has happened. Henry is now on the move. He is an offical crawler and man he is really fast. yikes mom and dad are not ready for this. He did it first at my sisters house this weekend in WI. He does it army style all arms no legs. He is loving the summer he likes to help mom water the plants. He likes to play in the water. Too cute. Everthing else is great here. We are all well. well that is all for now. sorry it took so long to write about the new stuff happening. I promise to keep in touch more. bye for now


Henry's not crawling, but boy can he roll

Henry's certainly turning into quite the little kid. He's pretty good at getting around simply by rolling over. The only time he runs into problems is when he ends up partially under the chair or coffee table. This has lead to stage one of moving everything off the floor. We're not finished yet but we're always watching him when he's on the floor so its not too much of a problem. It is also kinda fun to stand him and see how long he can balance. He's getting pretty good. He can hold it for almost a second before ends up on his butt. :-)

More pictures from about a month ago.