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Pictures as promised.

The pictures of Henry's haircut are up. I've also got some pictures from a while ago. I think that they were when Henry was five months old. Eventually, Melissa will see this and tell me when they were from. Either way, those are here.

Hair cut

Well we had to do it. Henry got his first hair cut. Chad will post pics to show you. He looks like a totally different kid. He looks like a toddler. His hair is now blond. Too cute. We are all good. I am typing on Chad's new laptop (from work) using are new wireless connection. COOL. Henry has not quite crawled yet. He gets up and then rocks but has not figured it out yet. He weighs 18 1/2 pounds now and is 27" long. He is in the 75% percentile. I hope he does not reach 20 before his 1st birthday (car seat reasons). Well, that is all for now. We are making rocky road ice cream in the ice cream maker. YUM. Bye for now.


Chad's Birthday and Petra

Sorry, if you looked for the site over the last week. We had some problems with the server that runs the site. We should be good for a while though.

Otherwise, we had some fun on Wednesday. Chad had his first official day off. I work at Kenowa Hills Public Schools. Its actually the first job I have had that actually includes paid vacation and paid days off. I got my first day off for Good Friday. However, they do it as a floating holiday and took it on my birthday. Since, May 11th is a Wednesday Melissa had it off as well. We had a fun day of running around.

The funnest thing we did was go to see the Petra Exhibit at Calvin College. It is a traveling museum exhibition on the ancient city of Petra that normally only stops at museums. However, one of their stops apparently fell through. Calvin was able to get their spot on the schedule and converted their conference center into exhibition space. It was a pretty neat exhibit. If you get a chance to see you should. Its there until August so you have some time. One of the coolest things was when they talked about the city having a water system that could support around 100,000 people even though they were in the middle of desert.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Happy Mothers Day To All

HEy everyone. How are you guys doing? WE are great here. Henry is getting so big now. He rolls all over so he can move on the floor. He has said his first word "HI" . My mom said "hi Henry" to him on friday 4-29-05. He repeated it back. He will be playing and he will say Hi to his toys. I dont think he knows what he is saying but it is really cute.

He also claps his hands like he is doing patty cake. He will repeat it back. Too cool. I take him to the Docs 5-10 and we will find out how big he is. He is only wearing 6-9 months close so i dont think he weighs more than 17 pounds. WEll i will keep everyone posted on it. Bye