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So big

Well Henry is now a moving machine. He loves rolling back and forth on his back to belly and vise versa. He is now sleeping completely through the night. The only thing is sometimes he rolles over in the crib and cant get back over. An easy fix though. He can sit up by himself if he is not distracted. Too cute though. Well thats all for now. See you all soon.


Another tooth, a new food, and eventually school for mommy.

How is everyone? We are all good. Chad's new job is going great. Mine is the same though. I am finally going to start school for radiology tech next fall. I am #56 on the waiting list after two years and they take 30 a year. So I am in next year.

Henry is great. He is rolling over a lot more. He has been doing it at daycare now so that is cool. He really likes his food that mommy makes for him. We are now trying Butternut squash. YUM. It did not turn out when i made it (a little runny) but I mix the juice with oatmeal and he ate that up. I am going to try today again to get it right. He has a new bottom tooth on the right . So three bottom and 4 top. He is not wasting anytime growing up. silly. Well I am off to a baby shower for my friend Natalie. She is so cute prego. He was put on bed rest like me, so she should have the baby in the next 2 weeks. We hope. I think it is a girl 8lbs 8 oz and 20" long. This is my prediction. we will see if i am right. Bye for now