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Easter 2005

We're going to be splitting our Easter this year. We're spending Holy Saturday with my Mom in Portland. We'll be back in Grand Rapids on Easter Sunday. I'm not sure what is all planned. However, we'll get going out with Melissa's parents and her maternal grandmother to dinner. I hope everyone's Easter is happy and be careful out on the roads.

In the spirit of Easter, more pictures!

Picture at four months

I finally got our scanner hooked up to a fully functional computer. Hopefully, this means I'll be able to catch up and scan some pictures from the last few months. However, if experience is any indication. It probably won't happen. Either way, we've got new pictures.

This news is second only to that of Henry rolling for the first time in Daddy's presence. It is not that he hasn't rolled previously. He simply didn't think Daddy was worthy before today.

rolling over

Well henry is now rolling over more often from back to front. Yesterday he got his knees up like was going to crawl but he could not get his arms working. Another tooth surfaced. That make four now. So big. We are teaching him sign language, so that he can communicate with us before he can talk. Mostly just mom and dad signs for now. But this is a good age to start. bye for now i have to go to work.


Baby Food

Well it is offical. Henry Loves baby food. We started him on pears today. He ate about 1 1/2 oz. He loved it. So we do rice and pears for awhile then we will get him started on a veggie. I am making my own food. I bought a Kit from my friend Serenity that sells stuff by the company They sell really great things for babies and children. Well got to go. Chad and I are going to spend some time together. HE gets home so early now that we have a life at night now. Bye everyone.


Whats new

Well henry is really growing. He can grasp objects and hold them for long periods of time. He really focuses on his toys. He pulls hair really well. He has been sick again with a cold so he has been a little unhappy.

He had his 4 month appointment he weighs 15 lbs 3 oz. and is 25.5" long he is in the 50% tile. He is perfect. We went and had pics taken at sears they will be on the internet in about 10 days. I will email everyone when they are posted.

Chad started a new job. Are roles have reveresed. He use to work till 8 and I went to bed then, NOw i work later than he and he is so tired that he is the first one to fall asleep. He is not a morning person that is for sure. It makes me laugh. I just want to say he is the best daddy ever. He really takes great care of Henry. He stays up late when he is sick. I married a wonderful man. I love you baby!!! It is 8:00pm now and he is already in bed. Silly.

I just had a massage that was wonderful. I feel so good after it. Well i ahve to go my favorite show is on. Bye