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Henry at 25

Would someone please remind me to call Henry at 2:30am every morning once he's moved out? I just want to make sure he gets the experience that his Mommy and Daddy get.

Mr henry

Well everything is going well, Henry rolled over from front to back. He was not sure what he did, but he did do it. He has not duplicated it yet. We went to the Docs today he has a cough. He weighed 15 pounds with his clothes on so i would say he is abnout 14.5 pounds at four months. Chad was 18 pounds at this age, so Henry is not all Gross yet. He has really chubby thighs but they are cute. He hands are so fat he has no wrists. Chad was trying to put pics up, but the scanner was not working, there is something wrong with Chads computer. We did go and get henrys three months pics done at Jcpennys. I will get the pics back March 2 so hopefully the scanner works we can load them up. Some of you will get hard copies.

So is anyone doing anything for lent. I was going to give up ketchup, but i decided to give up cold ketchup (hehe), family joke for those of you who are saying huh. I no not put my ketchup in the fridge, but chads family makes fun of me and doug always puts mine in the fridge when he is here. I have to hide it when they come. So that is my sacrifice. Cold ketchup. Yuck. Well i have to go henry man is crying upstairs. bye