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What is happening

Well first of all my stepgrandma RUTH died yesterday. I am not sure when the funeral is yet. My dad and Uncle Stu went down to drive grandpa back up here.

On a better note, i am offically an adult. I got married, had a baby, now I am having a Tupperware party. HeHe. I am really excited for it. Ithink Chad is too, he keeps picking out this stuff to buy. Henry is going great. He reached three months old and has two full out bottom teeth. I am not to happy about this for as he uses me as a teething toy (ouch). He is sitting on my lap right now having thundepants and boy does it stink. Well I am off to wipe some butt. ihope he likes it, for he will have to wipe mine and chads when we are to old. by for now.

Henry's got teeth!

Henry reached a milestone earlier this week. He now has two bottom front teeth. He's not quite sure what they're for yet. However, he's putting them to good use chewing on his fist. It went pretty well and didn't keep him up much when they were trying to poke through. Its too bad he's too young to be able to pickup and eat teething biscuits. I was really looking forward to wet crumbles of cookies all over. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live. :-)

Henry's first day at daycare

Well, Henry had his first day at daycare on Monday. It was little rough for both Daddy and son. However, we got through it. The daycare folks report that things went pretty well overall. They discovered how much Henry truly despises cribs. In my defense though, I did warn them ahead of time. He does like the swing though and given a chance he'll spend quite a bit of time in that thing. The only downside is that daycare is loath to let him sleep in the swing. I suppose that explains the note that he only slept for twenty minutes the whole day. The plus side of this is that he slept for a record five hours last night. An ounce or two of milk and he was good few more. Mommy & Daddy were quite grateful for the additional sleep.

Henry's first trip

Henry had his first trip over the weekend. We went with Melissa's parents to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Melissa's sister, Marnie, lives. The trip over was a bit rough for Henry. He couldn't manage to get comfortable. Eventually, we just pulled off the onesie he was in and that seemed to cool him off enough until we got there. He didn't seem interested in the casino games that hotel we were staying at had. However, he sure did like hanging out in his sling. (Available here from Serenity among other places.) We had borrowed a pack-in-play from a friend of Marnies. Henry apparently decided that this was far too much like a crib and was not having any of it. Thus Mommy and Henry spent a night out on the couch.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. We visited and went out to eat a few times. Henry must have been pretty wiped out because he slept most of the way home.

I hope everyone else had fun New Years.