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Henry man

How was everyones Christmas? Henrys had a good first x-mas, I wish he was older to enjoy it more but he enjoyed it all the same. I wanted to share soemthing that he did that was so cute. Chad was holding him and I was sitting next to him. Henry was looking at me over Chads shoulder and I was making faces at him. Well Henry would smile and hide his head in chads shoulder. It was the silly is thing. Well I hope everyone has a happy new year. Bye.

Henry's first Christmas

Henry's first Christmas is going pretty well so far. Last weekend we had the Gross family Christmas party and the Hoffman family Christmas party. It made for a busy weekend for all, especially Henry. I have to say it was a little weird having everyone else hold him most of the day. We all had a lot of fun. However, by the end of the day Henry was ready for a nap. I guess all that attention kept him from getting his beauty sleep. :-)

The one big thing about this Christmas is that Mel and I seem to be obsessing over it a little more. The biggest example is that we only realized this year that we do not have stockings to hang up or any kind of a topper for the tree. We ordered some fancy schmancy embroidered ones from Pottery Barn that were on clearance. It would be nice if they arrived before Christmas. However, the chances of that are pretty remote.

I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas! and don't forget to track Santa at Norad's Santa Tracker.

Whats new

Well everything is getting busier now that the holidays are approaching. Chads sister Trisha graduated from MSU in criminal Justice (go Trish). Also Chad and I have our family chirstmas parties this weekend. I cant wait. This is the first time everyone will see henry. I bouhgt this really cute dinosaur outfit and it has a hood on it that has tassels. It is just too cute.

My moms dad past away this past weekend. He lived a good life. It was really bad over these past few weeks where his body just shut down. I am gald henry got to spend sometime with him. He will be greatly missed. I am dog sitting right now and it is a handfull with two dogs and a baby. It is funny freckles all she wants to do is lick henry, and bubba just wants nothing to do with him. Freckles is trying to get me to play tug right now. Well we wish all of you a happy holiday and new year. See you all soon. Love mel