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Hey Ya

Well how was everyones thanksgiving? Chad, Henry, and I ate dinner at my parents place and then moved on to Chads moms place for dessert. Henrys fist thanskgiving went great. He is growing so much everyday. He is laughing and cooing more and more. he giggles when you tickle his neck. We are starting to read out loud to him to get his brain functioning. He also loves his swing. I can put him in it and leave him for hours. I can finally get things done around the house.

Henry will be baptized this weekend dec 4th. He does really well in church so far as long as he is feed he keeps quite. He likes the musiv though, he always smiles when it comes on. Maybe he will be a musician some day. Uncle doug already promised him his frist drum kit. YIKES. well i will keep everyone posted on his and our progress. bye


Baby Henry pictures

Well, it is now been a month since Henry was born. Time sure flys by. I can not believe how much he has grown. His first 2 wk check up he weighed 8.8 lbs and his head grew one inch. The Doc said that he is developing nicely. I have been doing well also. I did come down with a breast infection so breastfeeding was slowed way down. But it is now cleared up and we are now back on track. He does get formula and breast milk because he is such a pig and plus mommy can leave Henry with others. Also, Chad gets to take part in the feeding process so he can bond with Henry too.

It is nice being off from work, but I am ready to go back. I will not be returning until the first of the new year. That way Henry is a good 2 months old before he goes to daycare. Which I am not sure I am ready for. So please check out the pictures. I´┐Żll write more later, Henry is crying and he wants to eat. Bye

Comments have changed slightly

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have installed MT-Blacklist. It should greatly reduce the amount of spam I've been getting as comments. Hopefully this won't affect anyone. If it does just let me know at

Henry's almost four weeks old!

I just realized that Henry's almost four weeks old, only a few more hours. It seems like he's been with us forever. However, it hasn't even been a month yet. It is amazing how things like that affect you in ways you did not expect. I guess it is because when Melissa was pregnant there wasn't much that I could do to help other than hold the door and the like. Now, I can give Mommy a break when I get home and get to be a lot more involved with him directly.

I've been a little lax updating the site.

I've been a little lax updating the site. I'm sorry about that. It just seems like there's no time anymore with the baby. I'd like to upload some more pictures. However, I'm not sure when that will happen.

Henry's still being a bit of a Mr. Fussybutt. However, he seems to be getting used to the idea of sleeping in his crib. He still needs to be in a good mood before he'll put up with though. He's looking around a good deal more and is better able to control his head. He's definitely developing a personality and has different "moods". Now if he can just learn to sleep a little longer Mommy might be able to sleep more than three hours at a time. :-)