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Mommy and Henry are bonding

Well, It has been an interesting week. Henry and I are bonding more and more each day. He has not learned how to sleep in his crib though. He likes to sleep on mommys chest on the couch. It has been rough but we are managing. Now Chad is sick so we have not been near each other, he does not want me to get sick or Henry. So our day is pretty much feed, poop, feed some more, sleep, fuss, fuss some more, and bath time. His cord stump fell off so now we get to sit in the tub to get clean. I hope that he likes it. He likes it when we wash his hair. He is starting to smile at me, and when he is having a bowel movement. it is too cute. Well he is asleep so that is my cue to sleep as well. bye for now

Pictures of Henry at the hospital!

I uploaded some pictures we have of Henry at the hospital. Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, the hospitals digital camera didn't have a flash. They're still pretty good though.

Mom and baby are both doing good. Mom's a little sore but nothing some Motrin can't fix. It looks like they'll be coming home tomorrow. Today was spent bonding and a little training for the new parents. We'd also like to thank everyone who stopped by the hospital to see the baby.

It's a Boy!

It's a boy! Melissa and I are parents! Henry James Gross was born on 10/19/04 at 5:06pm. He weighed in at 7lb 14oz and was 20.5 inches long. It was short process. Henry was born about six hours after they started the process to induce labor. The labor itself only lasted about three hours. "Only", that's easy for me to say. :-) I still cannot believe it has actually happened. This is easily the most exciting thing to ever happen to us. For those of you who were wondering, yes, he was born with more hair than I currently posses. :-)

Melissa and baby are both doing well. Obviously Melissa is pretty exhausted, however, she made it through introducing Henry to his Grandparents, my bother, and sister. We'll see how she feels painwise over the next couple of days.

I'll try and have some pictures up tomorrow night. The hospital has a digital camera that you can borrow. However, there was a small problem in that I accidentally left the floppy disk with the pictures at the hospital. oops :-(.

Induction tomorrow

Well I went to the Doc this morning and we are going to induce tomorrow morning sometime. I have to call the hospital tomorrow at 6Am and then they will tell me when to come in. I am a good candidate for it he said because I am already dilated and blood pressure is still good. I am being induced due to protein in my urine. The number has not gone up or down, so I am at 39 wks and they feel it is time to give birth.

I was a little sad that I had not one contraction this weekend, but baby likes his/her home I guess. Now I am really scared that Chad and I's life is about to change. I am going to have to drug him tonight so that he will get some sleep. He is going to be up all night. I just can�t wait to see the baby and see who it looks like the most. I will keep you updated.


Nothing yet

Well It is Sun afternoon and not one contraction has happened. So I do not think baby clem is ready to show up yet. I do have an appointment on Mon at 8:45am, so i will know more tehn. I am assuming that if I still have protein in my urine but has not gone up any and my blood pressure is still good they will continue to let me go naturally. Dr. thomas really was not for inducing, but he did say I was a good canidate for it since i was already dialated. Sorry everyone, but baby just is being stubborn. We have tried everything to get things started, but i just get more and more uncomfortable. SO we will keep you updated. Wish us some contractions Hehehehehe.


Good News from the tests!

Well, Mel's tests went pretty well. There is protein in her urine but it is not any worse than it was. Her blood pressure is still good and it hasn't gotten any worse. They ran AFI and NST tests. The AFI test checks to make sure that there is enough fluid for the baby. The NST (non-stress test) checks to make sure the baby's heart rate is good while resting and moving around. They both turned out great as well. The NST took a little while because baby Bross wasn't cooperating. Mommy fell asleep and so did baby. However, a little caffeine and some help from Mom moving around finally finished that test off. Since all the tests went well the doc's not going to be inducing labor. Of course, since we discovered that Mel's dilated three centimeters we'll probably do things this weekend anyway. :-)

Updated baby news

Well, I went to the Doc and it was found that i have protein in my urine. I was put on bed rest and have to go through a urine test for 24 hours. Friday I will get the results. So the news is Baby Gross more and likely will be making an appearance this weekend. My blood pressure is still good, but i have swollen ankles. So I just want to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on with us. Nothing to worry about. I am due next Sunday anyway, so a week early is cool with me. Wish us the best and Chad will keep everyone updated.


Cold Season

Well, it has been one crappy week for me. I got a cold and had to take Friday off because it moved to my chest. I can't sleep lying down or sitting up. Well on a lighter note, the nursery is finally done. All the clothes are washed and sheet washed and put on the crib, I got the bouncer chair and booster seat, stroller. All we need now is the baby. I am now on weekly appointments. The Doc said that I am measuring 38 wks, but I really only on wk 36. So I am a little bigger at this point. So I guess everything is good, but I just wish I did not have to get sick on top of that, plus all I want to do is take non-baby safe cold meds to get better. Only a couple of more weeks. Well that is all for now. I will write more later, when I feel better.