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Getting close...

The baby's scheduled to arrive in about a month. I'd just like to state offically that I'm extremely nervous. I hope he doesn't cause any trouble like his uncle Doug. :-)

Long time

Well sorry everyone. I have not been writing on the website. We had a little problem at home the computer crashed and Chad has been reinstalling everything again. I promise in the next week we will have pictures of the nursery up. Granted it is not complete, but the painting is all done. I am still waiting for the changing table to be delivered, and all the stuff I registered for. If anyone forgot I am registered at Target and Toys R US/Babies R US.

I am feeling ok. I am ready to have my body back. The baby is either sitting on my right hip and kicking me in the bladder or is sitting under my ribs kicking me int he ribs and stomach. Not cool when you just ate to be kicked in the stomach. At this very moment it is on my hip. Chad has spoken with the baby on many occasions saying to get off mommies bladder, but the child does not listen well already.

We are having the baby baptized on Dec 4th at 5pm. I have asked my sister Marnie to be the Godmother, and Chad has asked his brother Doug to be the Godfather. We all have to take a class, not sure what they will teach us, but if it is required so be it.

I have 6 weeks to go and about 30 working days, my luck I will have a late baby on Halloween. My health is great still. I have only had swollen ankles once, but i wore bad shoes to a wedding. Blood pressure is great, weight is still good. I feel good except for heart burn here and there.

I will try and be more consistent and keep you all updated on how things are progressing.