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A few new pictures: Part Deux

I suppose since its been three or four days I can't simply edit the previous post. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things life aren't there? I corrected the dates so that they are correct. Its not a big deal but its the principle of the thing. Either that or I feel like I should be posting more often. :-)

A few new pictures

I finally got the pictures up. There's not many but its better than nothing right? The first is a couple of pictures of Melissa and I at her friend Inia's wedding. There's also a couple of pictures from her cousin Nicole's wedding. I hope I spelled her name wrong but I probably didn't. Oh well, I'll have to get Melissa to double-check it and than I'll update this article. In fact, no one other than me may read this part of the post since I'll remove it once I've confirmed the spelling of her name. Oh well, at least it makes me feel like I've done something to update this site. That's important right? :-)

Remember to vote!

Okay, so it is kind of a late reminder. However, I did want to take time to remind everyone to vote today. If you haven't taken the time to research the issues yet, there is good information at It'll show you the ballot, location of your polling place, confirm that you are registered, and other good stuff.

Hopefully, I'll have more pictures up tonight or tomorrow. We'll try to post an update on what we've been up to as well.