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Oh you and your old fashioned ideas

Every right implies a responsibility. Every opportunity, an obligation. Every possession, a duty. -- John D Rockefeller


Well, Chad and I have been busy getting the nursery ready. I decided to be difficult and do this wainscoting project that it is taking a lot of time to paint. Chad has complained about it since day one (I Love you baby), but he admits that it will look great and keep the walls safe, plus be a good selling point later when we decide to sell. Once that is done and put back up my mom and I will be doing a sheep, night time sky stamp on the walls. The sheep will be jumping a fence and stars and clouds will be all over the walls and ceiling. I got the idea from a Stampin Up catalog. I can�t wait to see it finished. We will post pictures, but it might be a while until it is done.

The baby is moving lots now. Chad finally got to feel it kick 7/2 while we were watching the Tigers lose. I have been feeling good, except for the back pain and hip pain, but that is because I sit on my butt to much. I have to get more active. I am really showing now. Chad just laughs at the fact that this belly is sticking out. I have hit the 6th month mark and have kept my weight down a lot. Not sure how I am doing that, Oh wait the vomiting is not helping. I have gained 3 lbs in 6 months. NO I am not starving myself either. I am just as shocked as you. The doctor wants me to only gain 10-15 lbs, because I am already over weight. One thing that I can not be around is Prego spaghetti sauce. The smell is awful to me.

Sorry Chad and I have not been writing in a while we have so many things taking up our time right now, but we will keep you posted. Bye for now.