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Baby Pictures

I've posted the ultrasound pictures we have of the baby. They are linked along the left hand side. In addition, you can click here to find them as well. The pictures are kinda hard to see but junior wasn't cooperating and ultrasounds aren't that clear anyway.


Well Chad and I went to have an ultrasound done just to see how the baby is progressing. Well baby Clem weighs 12oz, heart beat 143. The baby was sitting really low with the feet down low so we could not get a good veiw of his feet. NO WE DID NOT FIND OUT THE SEX for those who are wondering, plus the tech could not get that view at all for how the baby laid. It did a couple of kicks for us and yawned or swallowed it was hard to tell. We will probably have another farther along to get the info on the lower half of babies body. Baby was not very active i think it was tired. Chad was supposed to post the ultrasound pictures yesterday but he forgot, so look for them soon. Bye