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Now what?

I suppose I should start posting something here. I'm not sure what though. I guess I'll just work on the next version. That'll be easier than posting content. :-)

Okay so I'm a little late...

Okay so I'm a little late. Quit complaining. The only person that reads this is me. The fictional audience for these posts doesn't actually exist. If it did exist this would have to suck less. We all no that is not going to happen!

Our little cashew

Well not much is going one here at the Gross house. Chad and I just work and hang out most of the time. I gave up TV for Lent and it is real hard beacuse I am a TV junkie. It is good for me. I can watch on Thurs. so I don't miss Survivor and CSI my absoulte favorite shows. Baby is doing great. We had an ultrasound and got to see the baby moving and hear the heartbeat. It was just a 1/2 cm long on March 2nd. Our little cashew as my dad called it. We are going to try and load the picture soon so look for it.

Let me tell you Ultasounds are not fun, when you have to hold so much water you feel so sore. I had to drink 32oz water 1 hour before the scan and hold it. I have a weak bladder so this was bad for me. Next time I am going to drink half of what is required. I thought I was going to pee myself. Well that is all. Love melissa (and baby)