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Baby News

Well it is true. Chad and I are going to be proud parents. I am not sure yet on the offical due date, but it is around the end of October. I took a preg test on Valentines day and it was positive. I let chad know the good news. It was a valentines to remember.

I am feeling ok, I am just tired a lot. Today I took a four hour nap after grocery shopping. Who knew something so small can zap the life out of you.

According to my pregnancy journal I bought a Target:

Day 29---The lenses of the baby's eyes continue to form. The surface layer of the baby's skin will form during this month. The tongue is recognizable and the nasal pits are beginning to form. the Lymphatic system is beginning to develop. The arms still look like flippers. The gonads are present, but have not developed into boy or girl parts yet. In eight more days the baby will be twice as lond as it is today.

Pretty cool. No wonder I am tired it is doing 15 different things at once. The book is really cool. IT tells you day by day what is going on. Well we will keep every one posted.

Oh by the way...

Melissa's pregnant. We're having a baby! How's everybody else doing?

Pictures you can actually view.

Okay, I've converted all of the pictures to a format that anyone can view. More importantly though they are a great deal smaller. I've still got some cleaning up to do before the photo galleries are the way I want them. However, that'll come later. I'm sorry if the picture quality isn't as good as it might be. I don't have very good software to cleanup the scans.

Wedding Pictures! Almost...

I just wanted to let everyone know that we finaly got around to scanning a bunch of pictures from the wedding. HOWEVER, these pictures will probably require you to have Quicktime installed. In addition, they're HUGE. They're two to three megs in size each. If you want to attempt to view them ensure you are on a fast connection. I expect to have smaller pictures up in a few days. Hope everyone is doing well.