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New version to actually be deployed RSN!

The new version is almost done. I just have one more bullet point to hit. Than, assuming no more bugs popup, I will deploy the new version to where you can actually see it. :-) The bugs have been the real problem so far. I keep breaking stuff that worked. Once that is done I can do a little better job of getting content on the page. Granted it will only be of interest to me. However, only I am the only one visiting the page anyway. :-)

Testing... Testing...

If this is going to go live I should really focus on fixing the bugs on my todo list and not adding more "features". This will test one item to see if its broke or actually works.

I broke it

Stupid MYSQL managed to make a couple of tables go bye-bye. I've managed to created the affected tables and no critical data was lost but its just irritating. I'll have to be careful once this goes live. I really need to make this go live. Maybe in the next couple of days I'll just shove out what I have to my website and say screw it. It is not as if the site will magically become better all of a sudden.

I hate computers

Mysql lost some of my tables. I had to reconstruct them because I did not have a recent backup. Irritating. Oh well. It is all matts fault. I have decided.