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I despise Internet Explorer

I just needed to rant briefly. Internet Explorer is positively the worst browser I have used in quite some time. I was working on a nice long post to update everyone on what's been going on for the last month. Unfortunately, I had another Internet Explorer window open where I was verifying URLs and the like. I selected to have an URL open in a new window and it takes over the window with my entry in it. I tried hitting the back button but all of the entry I had worked on was gone. I never have this problem with Mozilla. Only Internet Explorer seems to get confused about which window to use. This isn't the first time this has happened to me and it is why I normally do not use Internet Explorer. However, it still irritates me because you'd think Microsoft with its 95% marketshare and billions of dollars in cash could get Internet Explorer to open new windows in a new window and not in an existing window. Is that a hard thing? Am I asking a lot?

Updates without mention

I'm slowly making some progress on this site. I'm slowly getting a better idea of what I want the structure of the site too be. However, the hard part is implementing the design. However, I'll eventually work up enough ambition to finish the conversion. Its not as if it needs to be done today. It was actually rather funny a bit earlier in the week. Matt saw that I had written for the page and asked to get a copy of it. I gave him what I had. However, I think he's in for a rude awakening when he sees the code. :-)