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I'm just working on a new version of the site. Pretty much everything that changes will be behind the scenes. However, the goal is to make it easy to post new content and get new material up faster. If you notice any bugs just go ahead and let me know.

We're Married!

Most of you know already. However, I got married this weekend. My fiance and I are going to be headed to Florida Monday for our honeymoon. I'm sorry that we weren't able to invite more people but we were reaching the capacity of the room as it was.

The ceremony was great and the priest really helped me feel at ease. However, I must admit that was probably more scared than at any point in my life. Things got better after that. The receiving line lead to being hugged by more people than at any point ever. Stil I was able to see lot of people I hadn't sene in a long time. Including my old babysitter Carol. She had been like a second mother to me and I hadn't seen her in a good ten years.

The reception was only mildly chaotic. We arrived pretty quickly and we're just about to cut the cake when we realized her parents were nowhere to be found. It seems her brother had neglected to pick up Melissa's grandparents for the reception. This meant her parents had to do it. Once that delay was dealt with things got rolling. I was really surprised how much fun I had. I was able to stop at many of the tables and talk without sounding like a completely goof.

It was also great to get a chance to hang out with my brother. I moved out when he was still pretty young so we have never had a chance to hangout much. He made a great toast and was able to start off the teasing of Melissa about having the last name "gross". It's good to be on the giving end instead of the receiving end. :-)

However, the most memerable moment for me was the blessing given by my Uncle Bob, who is my dad's brother. October 11th, the day we were married, was my dad's birthday. He was really able to voice a lot of the emotions that we were feeling. He helped remind my brother and I no matter what happened that our dad would always be with us.

I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did. I'll probably not be checking
my email until next Sunday. However, I'll talk to everyone when I get back. Have a great week!


Well it is offical. I now Melissa Sue Gross (ok stop the laughing) it is a great new name. I wanted to say to all that were there, Chad and I had the best time especially after the wedding. Those who participated in the wedding thank you for standing up for us we really appriciate it. I can t wait to see the pictures my lovely photographer took (Ann you are the best), especially the one of me coming down crying so bad. Those who missed it, I was trying to smile and my lip qwivered so bad I could not control it. Also, those who really know chad would have been amazed to see my baby dancing the alligator and really cutting a rug. I asked him why all of a sudden he wants to dance, he says "I have had five beers i am feeling great." We really had a all around great time. I just was glad to get my dress off it was really cutting into my body. Damn the beading (hehe).

We are leaving for florida Mon morning at 5:00am I am ready for my vacation. I have been saving up for so long. Well i have to get going I have a little last minute things to do before tomorrow morning. Thank you all for being great friends to Chad and I.