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Life at 1545 Royal Oak

Well life at 1545 Royal Oak is great. It is great that Chad and I can be in totally different areas of the house and not bump all over each other. He can be in the Chad Cave and I can be in the scrapbook nook (my favorite place). Plus Chad doesn't have to get mad at me watching reality TV, (which I watch all the time). Well I love mowing the lawn (yeah right), but I do love to weed wack. HEHEHEHE. Also, Chad and I put up our Horseshoes set and have been trying to pitch horseshoes successfully. Well that is pretty much it that goes on at the Gross house hold. We have just been trying to get our Wedding Invitations out, and get the last minute details squared away.

Bye the way the lawn looks green, but we have a mole that is tearing it up. The little bastard :-). Well that is all for now.

I turned the site back on.

I turned the site back on now that I've got everything configured with the new dsl. However, it's not available to the net so you can't see it unless your me or are viewing this page from the archives.