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Getting Closer

It's getting closer. Melissa's been packing like crazy with the apparent goal of being completely ready to move a full week before it's time to move. :-) The best part is that we've only managed to loser a few things so far. Melissa took the day off July 1st so that she can start moving us in. My mom and Glen will be coming out with a trailer that Glen was able to borrow. Hopefully they will the furniture and most of the other stuff moved. We can unpack later.

We had hoped to go up to the lake for the July fourth weekend. However, I'm not sure how that's going work out. I have to work until 6:30pm the fourth so we'd be getting there late. We also have a party of some sort to go to on July 6th at Matt and Serenity's. I'm assuming the party is not until the afternoon Sunday so we may just go up to the lake anyway. We'll have had a couple of nights to unpack and the lake is close. This'll give us a break. It also means I won't miss the fireworks. :-)

We bought a house!

We've been looking for a house for a while because of the low interest rates. However, we didn't really find one that we liked. However, on a Monday night when we just wanted to stay home we got a call from our realtor. She had a house she desperately wanted us to see. It was just the house we were looking for. We knew that it was the house for us. We wrote up a bid and they accepted not long after. The best part is that the house is in great shape and they agreed to fix some minor electrical problems in order to bring it up to code. The only thing that's irritating is that for various reasons we ended up allowing the seller thirty days after closing to move out.

We've got some pictures of the house. However, they're not up yet. It's a three bedroom, one bath ranch with a finished basement. The garage is detached but has two stalls. The best part is, unlike most places we looked at, it has both sidewalk and curbs. It's a minor thing but it really bugs me when places don't have them. Especially when instead they have no sidewalks (or ones that go nowhere) and the slanted pile of asphalt that doesn't accomplish anything. Stupid suburbia.