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Once again the obvious escapes me

It took forever but I finally figured out how I could get the front page to work how I wanted. It was simply one big table and two bigs cells in it. I was again making things to complicated. The left cell has the menu. The right cell has a table for each entry. Now I just need to do the authentication. That'll naturally move into keeping some of the customization information in a user table.

Slowly making progress

I'm slowly making progress on the new page. I've still got quite a bit to go though. None of the admin stuff is really where its supposed to go. However, I'm slowly figuring out how I want to do everything. I'm still not sure about my links/bookmarks. I know I'm just going to put them into a database but I'm not sure how I want to structure it. I've got plenty of time though. It's not as if anybody is waiting for this. :-)

Intial entry

This is the first entry. I am simply testing to make sure everything works well enough.