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Save some ideas for the next book

Why does every book need to be a massive three volume or longer story? I certainly understand the desire to try and generate future sales. However, you are also now have to convince me that your story is worth investing that much time and money into. If you do a nice tight standalone story you got a better chance of success and you can still take those other ideas and use them to write a sequel.

Here's another question, why does every new book need to rival the Bible in length? Do we need to mention that Bible is actually a collection of books that are only loosely related? I understand you have a word processor and can crank out text at a prodigious rate. It doesn't mean it is a good idea. The number of books that end up being more filler than story is ridiculous. I beg you, take more time to tighten up your story. The less time and money I have to invest in your story the more likely I am to take a chance on it. Once you have one book as a success then you can write a sequel with all of those other ideas.


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