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Too many accounts

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I have way too many email address, im accounts, social network accounts, websites, etc. I don't even use them really. My spreadsheet of accounts hit over 60 items before I gave up and began relying on "forgot password" to retrieve them if I need them.

I have four email accounts. This is after some significant pruning over the last few months. I receive almost no email from human beings. It is almost all spam, mailing lists, and "forgot password" messages.

I also have accounts on five different social networking sites. I get curious about the interface, etc and create an account. I rarely use them but they're there so I have urge to logon periodically and see if anything has changed.

First, there was Orkut. It is apparently Google's social networking site. I'm told its popular in Brazil but otherwise unremarkable. I do remember the first few months it was just so slow it was unusable.

Second, there was Bebo. I'm not sure who originally signed up but they emailed all their friends who signed up and emailed all of their friends. Near as I can tell no one knew what it was and never touched it again. I'm told its big in Europe.

Third, there was imeem. I have some friends who work there. I'm not sure how much socialization is done but they have deals with all of the major record labels so you can stream music from their site for free. It is probably worth looking at just for that reason alone.

Fourth, there is Myspace. I created this one because a friend of mine from college had a page on it and I figured it would give me a chance to reconnect with him. I got lazy, never emailed him, and now he's moved to Pennsylvania. I really should email him but than again I haven't spoken with either of the guys who were in my wedding in a long time either.

Fifth, there is Facebook. This one is the most interesting because it seems to have a bunch of active users. Although, that could just be the people I know rather than an overall thing. I do like the fact that it seems to keep things a little more private by default. Which in the modern world means pretending you have privacy when they're selling it out the back door to the highest bidder.

The IM thing isn't any better. I use Adium for instant messaging because it can connect to a number of different services at once. This is nice that you can be logged into them all without having a bunch of apps running. It is bad when you consider that I chat with someone approximately once a month. I'd list them for posterity but unlike the Social Networking sites they're tied to email addresses and I get enough spam. :-)

Not sure what the point of this article is but it killed some time and isn't that what the internet is for?


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