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Finally back from Higgin's Lake

We're finally back from Higgin's lake. It was good to get away but it is nice to sleep in your own bed too. The kids had a lot of fun having more kids to play with. Melissa got to spend a bunch of time with family she doesn't normally get to see very often. Than of course there was the massive amount of reading that everyone did, it was interesting to see how people settled in and what they chose too do with their time.

The lake was kinda odd in that it was shallow for quite a ways out. If you wanted to get to water even up to your chest you were in for a hike. One of the days Melissa's dad and uncle rented a pontoon boat so we got to take a tour of the lake. That was pretty fun although I think some of the people were starting to get bored. I guess there's only so much shore watching you can do.

The one thing I learned was that bringing food from home makes only so much sense. They have grocery stores almost anywhere you go and you' going to visit them several times. It makes more sense to pack a minimal amount of food and plan a trip to a real local grocery store. The prices are about the same as what you'd find at home, if you avoid the tourist oriented stores.


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