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We missed t-ball this year.

I kinda forgot how old Henry was and we missed t-ball sign-up by a few months. It isn't a huge deal since he is still young enough for t-ball next year. I am just annoyed that I didn't think of it sooner. I also found it odd that we did not get anything from the school about it. They sent home something on Rocket football so it doesn't seem too much of a stretch. I guess we'll have him give it a shot next year and see what happens.

I'd like to have him try a few sports to see how he does with them. I'm not sure if it will be his thing or not but the interaction with other kids would good for him. It also might help teach him a little self discipline. He could certain use more opportunities to channel his energy into something productive. It seems like if we're not careful he will just get bored of something and default to wanting to watch TV. He has stuff he likes to play with, but it just isn't his first thought. I'm not sure what else we can to help him not want to be on the couch. Turning off the TV solves the symptom but not the problem.


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