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Fun night

First, the toilet clogged. Now this is no big deal. It clogs all the time. It is one of those toilet models that saves water by requiring several flushs and the occassional plunging. Henry had to "fix it" and wouldn't stop flushing it. Water ran into the floor vents and onto the heating/ac in the basement. It avoided the carpet down stairs but not but much. It got worse because at some point the toilet broke and simply continued running. He kept trying to fix things by getting out towels to dry up the water and had his hands in the tank thinking he could stop the water.

Four hours later and with lots of help from my father in law, I had learned how to tear apart and rebuild a toilet and dried up the water. Sammy than kept me up most of the rest of the night. Got about two-three hours sleep. Work the next day was "fun".


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