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Rain... Rain... Go away! Little Johnny wants to play!

We're at about 48 hours of near constant rain. I feel sorry for the kids. They desperately want to get outside and run around. We've tried to find places for them to get some energy out but it hasn't been easy.

Melissa's sister and her family are out for the Houghton Open golf tournament. Melissa's dad and brother in law go up north to golf and the mom and sisters get to spend some time together. Unfortunately, the rain cut the tournament short early. Plus, three kids and two dogs underfoot made it difficult for the girls to get much time together. I did the best I could to help keep the kids busy but there's not much you can do when everyone's in the house together. Last night we had Miss Jessica come over and baby sit Henry, Samantha and their cousin Nolan so all of the adults could at least get out of the house.

We went to the Flat River Grill. It is one of The Gilmore Collection and we've pretty much determined that other than Rose's, none of them have food that is particularly great.

I'll also take this time to mention that I'll never willingly go back to the The B.O.B. I've never been treated so rudely anywhere else. I am normally a pretty laid back guy but these folks seemed to go out of there way to make me go away. We were there less than five minutes and I see no reason to go back. There's plenty of other places that I haven't tried yet.


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