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The Tigers' lost but it was still fun

Melissa and I dropped Henry and Samantha off with my mom this morning and headed out. The kids love visiting the farm because there is so much room to run and my mom is really good with them.

The drive out was pretty uneventful. The only thing interesting was a brief detour back to a rest area to retrieve Melissa's pedometer. It is tied into a weight loss "game" that Melissa has for her Nintendo DS. Luckily it was waiting for us and we only lost about twenty minutes.

The hotel was a Holiday Inn Express that was a little nicer than last year's and much cheaper. It was also about the same distance from the stadium. This time around we walked instead of taking the people mover. The people mover was fine last year but we had time and could use the exercise.

The weather for the game wasn't bad but it was a bit chilly. We got there plenty early so we were able to get our free hat, wander the stadium, and get Melissa a new Tigers t-shirt. I'm not sure what the deal was but the "D" on the shirt we got her last year faded to almost invisibility. I'm not sure what the deal was since I had an almost identical shirt and it looks as good as new.

The game was good and close. Nate Robertson pitched a pretty good game and we led most of the way. Unfortunately, they blew a number of opportunities to extend the lead. The end was pretty typical for the season. Leyland called in the bullpen and soon we were losing. Throw in a few more blown opportunities to score and the game was over. I'm glad we went and overall the game was good. I just hope that if we go again next year that the pitching will better.


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