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There is always something... I just want something different.

Henry is a lot of fun but at the same time he is enough to drive you up the wall. He's pretty smart in many respects but his social skills leave something to be desired. A few weeks ago we had to have a meeting with the director of our daycare regarding Henry's behavior. It seems that Henry's behavior had gotten worse again. He tries to be a good kid but he gets bored or excited and he loses all control. I don't like going to pick him up wondering if he threw a chair at someone or if he attacked someone. We're trying a sticker reward for good behavior system and it seems to be helping to some extent.

However, I worry that they'll get tired of dealing with him before he can get a handle on how to behave around other people. I feel bad for him because some of the stuff he says makes me wonder if he has any friends. The other kids seem to know him and they've said hi to him outside of school. However, he always says that he played by himself. He certainly doesn't like going anymore. He used to like it. Oh well, he's three and he's going to be selfish and full of energy. I just hope he learns to control it better soon.


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