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Easter activities

Wyoming Jaycees put on an Easter egg scramble at Rogers Plaza Town Center and we thought it would be fun to go.

The first thing we learned is that people around here have no clue how to park in the snow. Some parking lot aisles were completely blocked. I was scared to park in some areas of the lot. This is Michigan, how do these people survive?

Once we finally got into the building we discovered something interesting. They got a couple hundred people last year. This year they got over 700. Unlike last year, we got snow and that canceled a bunch of outdoor scrambles that had been planned and everyone ended up at the few indoor events. Needless to say there were some "issues". First of all, they didn't have enough people corrals so they had a hard time getting people into the four age groups. The second problem was that people were flipping out over there place in line. I guess they didn't realize that the place in line didn't matter. They were all going to wait once they got inside. Everyone was going to get the same chance. The most entertaining thing was that the people I saw complaining, didn't need any candy. It was like someone decided their foremost goal today was to live out a stereotype. The biggest thing I'd suggest next year is moving the non-egg scramble activities farther away from the egg scramble. That way you weren't asking people to walk away from the egg scramble to get in line for it. The other thing is they should have more corrals to encourage lines and not crowded mobs.

Next, Melissa's parents came over for a while and the kids had a ball with them as well.

Finally, Easter Egg coloring was a riot. It took five or ten minutes to get setup since the kids were so excited and were constantly under foot. However, the actual egg coloring took about two minutes. Tops. The kids let the eggs barely let the egg set before they pulled it out and put it in another color or got a clean one. The good thing was that kit we got had really good colors and they set well. This included a very good yellow. The only color that failed was the orange which didn't dissolve and you always get one bad color no matter what kit you got. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come with other kits we buy in the future.


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