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Not the best start to a weekend.

Well, we're limping into the weekend. We've been sick all week with Henry. Henry was sick at home on Monday with Grandma Hoffman and came home from daycare on Tuesday. He than stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. I felt bad for him since it was finally his turn to be the "star" of the week at his daycare and he missed out on most of the fun. Mommy wasn't much better, missing a couple of days of work. Sammy and I did okay though and managed to leave the house everyday except Wednesday when the school I worked at was closed.

The final insult was sometime Thursday or Friday our landline phone went down. We dink'd around for a while trying to see if one of our phones has causing the problem but it was the line. You'd think that for $50 a month they could keep the thing up. It is not as if we require much. We don't make many calls and only have light internet usage. We're certainly a profitable account for them.

They wouldn't even let us report it. We tried all the numbers we had for them but none of them picked up when we called. We tried both our cell phones and having Melissa's parents calling each of the numbers the phone book had listed. They all gave a similar error message. We had to get Melissa's mom, who used to do phone work at Spartan, to call AT&T and report the problem via a service line she knew about. They said they'd try and have it fixed by Monday 8pm, 72 hours later.


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