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Jury Duty was fun, lots of exercise.

I didn't get picked for a jury but I came close. I got there and the room was packed. It turns out they try and get all the juries picked on Mondays. I was in the second or third group that was sent to a court room. However, the case was settled before we got in the room so it was back down to the holding pen. The whole process could be described as barely controlled chaos. I brought a book and a number of other people had work they were hoping to do. However, the people running things were constantly making announcements and explaining things. You'd just get into something and they'd have something else to say. We finally made it into a court room without the case being settled on our way up and I was never even called to be questioned. It was interesting to see what kind of questions they asked and people's responses. There was a few that sounded like they were willing to say anything remotely truthful to get out of there. They don't try and seat jury's after noon so I still got in half a days worth of work. The best part was the long explanation of how you should not declare your jury duty pay as jury duty pay on your income taxes. It seems the jury duty pay field on your income taxes is only if you make more than a certain, rather large, amount. I've never heard such a thing before, you have to love government.


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