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We finally replaced the "trick" door knob

It started out so simple. We were just going do a little cleaning. It didn't take very long for Melissa to ruin my day. :-) She started the dishwasher and the pipe under the sink decided to break completely and start dumping water all over. Lacking a wrench large enough to remove the broken piece, Melissa called her dad. He and I plus a couple of trips to the hardware store allowed us to replace the broken piece. It actually went pretty well. We even managed to reduce the amount of space it took up under the sink. The highlight for me was during the second trip to the hardware store, I found a piece that will allow me to avoid using ten bucks in parts. Those I can take back for a refund. Joy.

That success convinced Melissa that I should finally replace the door knob to our kitchen. (Darn, no more trick door.) Trying to replace the door knob taught me two things. One, pull harder. Two, not all door knobs use the same size hole in the door. We'll see if I can find one fits the existing hole in the door, otherwise, we may have to make another call to my father-in-law to borrow more tools.


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