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We spent the weekend in Frankenmuth with Melissa's mom, sister, and Nolan. Neither Melissa's mom or sister had been there and I found that a bit surprising. I guess I thought most people around here had been there at least once. We stayed at Zehnder's Splash Village but we were primarily there so Melissa's mom and sister could go through Bronners. We did some other shopping. However, with the kids, we didn't spend a huge amount of time even though we were there overnight.
We stayed at Zehnder's Splash Village which was a nice enough hotel with an indoor water park. However, overall I was not impressed. You're better off separating a visit to an indoor water park from your visit to Frankenmuth. You'll be able to find a better water park than Zehnder's could provide and you will not have to pay the Frankenmuth premium. The water park also ends up taking away a lot of the time that could be spent actually in and around Frankenmuth.

Melissa' mom and sister went through Bronner's while we watched the kids. We than took them out let them run around and look at the displays outside the store. I believe Melissa emailed a link to some of the pictures we took. I got to visit my two of myfavorite places, the Frankenmuth Clock company and Willie's Sausage company. I'd like to get a cuckoo clock some day. A grandfather clock would also be cool but there's just no place for one in our current house. I suppose someday if we move and the kids are older.

Saturday night, Melissa and I went out for a few hours to the Black Forest Brew Haus. It was a nice enough restaurant but I wouldn't call it a beer house. They had a very small selection of beers and the staff didn't seem especially beer conscious. Although, it is certainly possible that if we had a chance to try more of them than something would stand out. We each had a decent enough wheat beer and realized that we were tired and would rather be in bed. :-)

We spent Sunday at the newer stores closer to the hotel and than ran downtown to the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus. A small highlight of the trip was that we were close enough to Flint to find a Halo Burger. The burgers themselves are certainly good but the real treat is that they have Vernors in their fountain machines and sell Boston Coolers as well.

Frankenmuth is a fun place to kill a day as long you don't expect too much and get the chicken dinner. We've actually been there twice recently although it was pretty cold the last time we went. I'd like to go back sometimes when it is warm and just Melissa and I. If figure that way we can spend more time looking around and eating the chicken dinner. :-)


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